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Cindy was simply terrific and our Coton, Kodi loved Cindy and little Marjorie, Cindy's pug! We had a last minute need for someone to look after Kodi. One week prior, Kodi's brother, a little Maltese, had passed away so this was the first time Kodi was going to be staying without his brother. Cindy and Marjorie made Kodi one of the family. Her place is great for dogs to be part of her house and run into the back yard. She really cares for the dogs and emailed us pictures throughout the stay to reassure us that Kodi was doing great. We would highly recommend Cindy and will definitely be using her again!

Jennifer Bertoglio

I had to leave on a last minute work trip and was referred to Cindy by a friend. I have to say, I was a little apprehensive at first because we have never left our two little pups with anyone other than family. Cindy recommended a pre-visit to her house and allowed the pups to come as well so they would feel comfortable. The safety measures and love she pours into her home made me feel instantly at ease. I didn't want to be the mom who calls all the time to check in, so I was more than excited to see Cindy emailed me with updates and pictures. So sweet!! She is responsible, reliable and loving- the perfect person to watch your dogs!!!! Best dog sitter around!!

Megan and Carlo

I was referred to Cindy and was thrilled when I arriived at her home to see what a fantastic petcare service she offers. My Maggie is older, health issues and got nothing but the best, loving,care. I'll use her in Napa over and over.


Pet Care Service

What a delight Cindy and Marjorie were to our 2-year-old Einstein. From the moment Cindy greeted us at the front gate, she made both my husband and I feel completely comfortable with leaving Einstein in her care. Cindy kept us in the loop with updates regarding our pup. Einstein still wags her tail with joy when we mention Cindy's name.


San Diego

What a delight Cindy and Marjorie were to our 2-year-old Einstein. From the moment Cindy greeted us at the front gate, she made both my husband and I feel completely comfortable with leaving Einstein in her care. Cindy kept us in the loop with updates regarding our pup. Einstein still wags her tail with joy when we mention Cindy's name.


San Diego

We couldn't bear to leave our little guy in a kennel for a week and a friend referred us to Cindy. Immediately upon meeting her we felt comfotable with her, and loved the enviroment she has carefully created for her canine guests. We did 2 days of day care before the big trip to make sure he was happy there and he loved it! We especially enjoyed the pictures Cindy took of Eli while he was there, interacting with his new buddies...and girlfriends! I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone wanting quality, loving care for their precious pets!

Jan V.

Eli's Mom

Baillie is a rescue dog - she's been to the shelter twice! So naturally, she hates anything remotely resembling a kennel and even more so - leaving us. Just can't get over that trauma. How lucky for us that we found Cindy! She clearly understood our concern and treated our little girl really well. Baillie loves to roam the yard and play ball, and at night she gets to pick where to sleep - not some nasty enclosure, but FREEDOM! It is such a relief for us to have a place where she's happy even though she's without us. Cindy's home is her home away from home. Thank you Cindy!

Sabine Litten

Relieved Mom

There is a personal touch about Cindy and Marjories' Mom that is very engaging, and Cindy's love for the animals is palpable. Marjories' Mom is a place you can feel comfortable leaving your animal -- know that he/she is having as good a time as you are on vacation!


St. Helena

We had an unexpected emergency need when our first grandchild was arriving 3 weeks early. Cindy took in our King on a few hours notice and we were so happy to see that he adjusted quickly to her home and the other "friends" that he got to meet. He was quite content when he arrived home. And, an extra plus... his ears got cleaned! Cindy was very sweet to trust us on such short notice. Loved the pictures that she took of him while King was there. Cathy Zeller Erickson

Cathy Zeller Erickson

happy golden retriever owner

A last minute trip and a referral from another kennel proved to be good fortune. An orientation visit and spending the day eased any apprehension about leaving my mini poodle, Willie. Cindy provides loving care for the dogs in a safe. clean environment. During Willie's stay her emails complete with photos let me know he was having fun. Now back home, I believe he misses the new friends he met at Cindy's and is looking forward to his next visit.



I was new in Napa and needed someone to watch my Daisy so she wouldn't be alone in a motel room all day while I was at my new job. I knew I'd found a great place when I was referred there by a different dog care place. Daisy just walked right in and immediately made herself at home and now, she gets all wiggly when she sees that we've pulled up to Cindy's house and runs up to the door! She can't wait to see her friends and is totally exhausted at the end of the day. Cindy is a sincerely loving lady and I'm so grateful we've me her. Thank you so much!!

Tamara & Daisy

New Kid in Town

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Cindy! My husband and I are completely obsessed with our 5 month old puppy and would not leave him with just anyone. We had tried a few kennels in the area, but we really were not happy with any of them. We are so lucky that we found Cindy because she is simply amazing! She not only provides a safe environment and plenty of excercise for your dog, but she also loves them as if they were her own. Our pup is so excited to see her when we pull up to the house and sometimes I feel like he doesn't even want to come home when I pick him up. We all love Auntie Cindy!



Not only was my dog pampered to the max he got plenty of exercise and was able to keep his special diet while I was away. We will be back!

Amanda Y.

San Francisco

After spending 8 days with Cindy, my dogs were relaxed and well cared for! Every thought of landscaping and home safety is geared to keeping dogs safe. And her love of dogs is just obvious! Thank you Cindy for taking such great care of my angels!

Sharon Coleman


Leaving our Bryggen was a first for us. Bryggen is a large breed puppy, Cindy totally understood she is still a baby even though her size is a grown dogs size. You can't be too careful with whom you leave a puppy with. With Cindy we knew within moments Bryggen would be cared for as if she were Cindy's. Cindy is so thoughtful of every need for each one of her guest. She really treats them all like they are her family. Cindy truly loves and enjoys dogs, We are so thankful to have found her, Bryggen is so lucky to have Aunt Cindy in her life and we are too. Thank you Cindy for being so great with Bryggen. You are simply the BEST!

Angela P.


We felt great leaving our dogs in a clean and comfortable home setting where they would have supervised interaction with other doggie friends complete with two walks per day. Cindy Clark looked after our dogs like they were their own. Everyone got a vacation and returned home relaxed and happy. Every detail was handled with ease and warmth - Cindy even sent us home with photos! Our Yorkie didn't even bark at a big dog after being there which was an added bonus.

Vanessa M.


Macho loves to visit Marjories' Mom, Cindy. He always feel safe and at home. When I pick him up after a visit I can tell that he was well taken care of and is just as happy as when I left. He loves his walks everyday and he particularly loves to play with all of the friends that he has made, both canine and human. He and I look forward to many happy vacations with Marjorie and her Mom. Thank you Cindy for all of your loving kindness to Macho.

Cheryl Cohn


What a delight it was when we pulled up to Cindy's house and there was a white picket fence outside... I could already tell this was going to be the perfect fit. Cindy walked outside and immediately I knew our puppy Brody was going to have a wonderful time! (And, yes, she was wonderful enough to have our 10 month old puppy for the night.) Cindy has a darling back yard and home, super dog friendly, and she lets them wander in and out of the house at their leisure. Her love for dogs was apparent from the moment we arrived. We enjoy the less-traditional home setting for boarding, so are SO excited to have found Marjorie's mom, Cindy. So excited, that Brody will be back there again next weekend :) Spread the word, but not too far.. we don't want to have to take Brody anywhere else!


Delighted mom!

I am so thankful for Cindy and her in-home doggie "retreat". Our dog Tessa suffers from separation anxiety but whenever we pick Tessa up from Cindy's she is calm, relaxed and happy. I won't take her anywhere else!

Robin Hanover

I found Cindy by chance when I was in desperate need to have my 3 yr. old cocker, Penny, watched for the day and then again and again due to a flood and then repair in my mobile home. Cindy was so thoughtful of my hardship and took wonderful care of Penny. God bless her.

Betty Grant

Mom of 2 cockers

Cindy is absolutely fantastic! Our dog, Sienna, came to love Cindy as a friend and happily went to her every time. Not only did Cindy make sure Sienna had all the basics, but she went above and beyond to play Sienna's favorite games with her and to tell us about special things that Sienna did while we were gone. One time, Cindy videotaped Sienna making a new friend while staying with Cindy- it was really sweet! And, Cindy took great care of our house- helping us with a little thing here or there. We have two little kids and she always made sure we had a fresh gallon of milk in our fridge upon return. We can't say enough good things about Cindy- she is a fabulous person and an amazing caretaker. We miss her now that we have moved out of the state- she is one of a kind.

Jenny & Sean Spalding

I'm extremely lucky to have met Cindy Clark. She's a remarkable woman, who gives personal care and attention to my dog when I can't. It means a lot to me that she cares for him in her own home, and that she treats him as one of the family. His reaction when he sees her says it all. His little stub of a tail and his rump start wagging madly, he smiles (yes, I believe it's a smile), and he pulls on his leash to get to her. While he's at her home, he has the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, and that's done a lot to make him a more calm and happy little fellow. When his visit is over, he comes home tuckered out, calm, and content. Most important, I trust Cindy without reservation. She is everything you would want your dog's care giver to be.

Lola Ellwein


I would not trust my furry boys with anyone but Cindy! My furry boys love her and I know they are receiving wonderful, loving care. She is the BEST!


Boone and Chewie's Mom

The Doggie B&B is really great! They treated my dog with tons of care. Thanks so much!


I would highly recommend Cindy Clark to anybody who needs a loving caretaker for their pets. She loves animals and my Mickey always sensed that quality in her. I have seen Cindy with other dogs and they just love her. I travelled quite a bit on business. It's hard enough to leave your pet behind, but with Cindy watching over him I could leave with a peace of mind.

Jeanne C. Wilson-Yu


Cindy loves caring for dogs and it really shows. My Howie needs and loves exercise so when she watches Howie she makes sure his needs are met and that he has fun too! Man's best friend is in great hands when cared for by this wonderful woman!

Debbie Bailey


Cindy Clark has been an absolute lifesaver. When I need to leave Napa for business, weekends or an extended holiday, I trust Cindy implicitly to care for Phoebe. Her home is like a playground for my kiddo, warm and comfortable, and Cindy personifies all of that with kindness, concern and care. There have been times when Phoebe has had such a good time that she doesn't want to come home. It is such a relief to know that I have finally found someone who is responsible and nurturing. The service Cindy provides is beyond excellent. I feel extremely fortunate to have met Cindy, and so does Phoebe.

Barbara Paige

Sommelier ISG